Qandeel Baloch Pics Fouzia Azeem History Biography Death

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Qandeel Baloch Pics Fouzia Azeem History Biography Death

Qandeel Baloch Pics

Qandeel Baloch Biography:


Qandeel Baloch was not only famous Pakistan Social media celebrity but also known as a show biz industry actress, Model, and Singer. The real name of Qandeel was Fouzia Azeem. She was born in the small town Shah Sadar Din, in a small district Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan), Pakistan. Her father name is Malik Azeem. She raised with her six brothers and six sisters. The first incident that turns his life towards the wrong direction was her first love experience and disloyalty of her boyfriend. PakistaniGirlsPictures‘s Team further explains all the points of Qandeel’s Life, Career, History, and Death in this article along with some of Qandeel Baloch Pics.

Early Life:

Qandeel was a born of Punjab as I mention above in detail. The date of birth of Baloch was 1st March 1990. She was a student of Government Girls High School Shah Sadar Din. She was fell in love when with a boy from Shah Lund when she was studied in 8th Standard and only thirteen years old. They both decided to escape from home to get married, but when Fouzia reached on the settled place her lover was not there she waited for him, but he never comes.

That was the turning point of Qandeel’s peaceful life when she has two ways, Firstly if she returns to home and asks her parents for forgiveness. Secondly, she moves ahead and starts a journey of new life. Qandeeel Fouzia Decided not to look behind and took a bus for Multan City. Fouzia starts a job with a private bus service as a bus hostess. Qandeel never changed her name before stepping into the Showbiz Industry. She faces a lot of troubles in her young age but never gave up.

Qandeel Baloch Pics


Qandeel was one of the highly educated celebrities in Pakistan; She completed her Master degree in Arts from Lahore University. Of course, this was a tough task under those circumstances, but there is no doubt that Qandeel was a brave and hard working Girl.

Apart from education Qandeel Baloch is expert in various languages, she could speak in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindko, Balochi and Potohari.

Marriage and Kids:

Qandeel married in 2008 with Ashiq Husain; Her husband belongs to Punjab. Qandeel had a son with Ashiq Hussain. Qandeel decided to take divorce after a year of marriage because her husband was abusive and never give her rights as a wife. There is a report that Qandeel often sends gifts for her son when she started earning and settled her as an Independent woman.


The beauty Qandeel Baloch Start her career professionally as an actress and Model. She performed different roles in various TV shows, but unfortunately, she did not become successful to write her name in the top list. The controversial model tried her luck in the field of singing too, for this purpose she fills the farm for the audition of Pakistan Idol where the group of judges rejected her, and she totally broke down into tears in front of the camera. Qandeel also filled the farm to be the part of a Famous Indian reality show named Big Boss season 10. Before the announcement of the list of the contestants, she was no more to participate.

Qandeel Baloch Pics

Success Of Qandeel Baloch Facebook and Youtube:

After being disappointed by all the fields, Qandeel started making videos for the social media. Social media helps her to get fame, and in no time she was one of the world famous celebrities. Qandeel Baloch Pics are available on internet. Baloch’s fans following increased in days and she becomes the social media star. She uses her social media popularity as a living. After she had become familiar, many TV channel hosts invited Qandeel in her shows and ask about her life. Some people start to love her, and some stated criticizes her for her acts in her Videos.

If we Talk about Videos, Pictures, and messages in Qandeel Videos, they are about her daily routine. Qandeel love to share her emotions, feelings, and secrets in front of the camera. She often made videos at evening time when she was on her bed wearing sexy evening dresses. She has huge fan followings, but people of Pakistan and India have a double standard, alone they are happy to watch Qandeel, but with friends, they criticized Baloch for her acts. This thinking of the public make Qandeel bolder, and she forgot her limits and ready to do whatever without the fear of danger for her life.

Qandeel Baloch favorite Models and Inspirations:

During a show with great Journalist Mubashir Luqman, She told that she follows Lady Gaga, Moderna, and her inspirations are Famous Indian Controversial personalities such as Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant. Qandeel Baloch said that these women are not evil they are just bold, and inside every girl they are same, but some like her and other controversial women are brave enough to speak out loud without fear.

In contrast of inspiration and favorite celebrities, Qandeel also did not like some actresses.  As a guest in Samaa Metro, Host asks Bloch that people say you are following Mathira. In response, Qandeel rudely replied that she has no time to follow any low profile artist. Keep in mind that Mathira and Veena Malik are also one of the controversial celebrities in Pakistan.

Qandeel Baloch Pics

Social Activities and Kind Nature:

Qandeel is a very brave girl who not only settled her life but also supported her family. She belongs to a family who are not wealthy and his father have to bear the expenses of twelve children. Qandeel helps his father financially and make a home for her family; she set up a business of mobiles for his brothers. She bears all the expenses of her sisters and also wants to do more for her family, but life did not give her chance.

Scandals Of Qandeel Baloch:

We can say that some of her scandals became the reason for her Murder. Here I am going to share two of them, The first scandal that goes viral on the internet was when she announce to perform a strip dance if Pakistani Cricket Team wins the match from Team India in a T20 world Cup Match on 19th March 2016. This news spread like wildfire between India and Pakistan, and people start waiting for the next video of Qandeel. Before the Cricket match, Qandeel released a Teaser video of her strip dance and dedicated to Shahid Khan Afridi who was the Captain of National Cricket team of Pakistan. Her teaser gone viral and become one of the most watched videos in 2016. Pakistani Team lost the match, and Qandeel missed the chance to do a strip dance for public.

After this News channel and media, persons started to cash the opportunity and set the shows on this topic and invite Qandeel to clarify her act. Qandeel confesses that she has done a strip tease, but she blamed the public and the narrow thinking of our society who never encourage the right actions of artists but always ready to backbiting. On the same platform, Qandeel told to the public that she did not get fame in the television industry. Because she was not willing to fulfill the evil demands of the directors and producers and blamed other actresses that they got fame because they did the same things behind the camera similar to her but she has guts to do it in front of the public.

Another big scandal was the meeting of Qandeel with Mufti Abdul Qavi ( who is one of the members of Pakistani Religious Committee) in a hotel room. She recorded all the interactions with Him and exposed the real face of Mufti. After all this, she asks for a public that who is wrong? If she is wrong and all others are right then why Mufti did flirt with her. Qandeel Baloch with Mufti Abdul Qavi video gone viral on the internet and as a result of the scandal and took benefits of his position Mufti had suspended from the post. These two scandals considered as the reason of Qandeel Baloch Murder.

Qandeel Baloch Pics

Before Death:

After the meeting with Mufti Qandeel feels that her life is in danger and she received the death threatening calls from unknown people. Qandeel approach to the police and ask for the security, but no one was ready to listen. On media, she told that she would leave Pakistan with her parents after Eid-ul-Fitr because her life is in danger. Before Eid, she went to Multan at her father’s house. At the time of death, she was there with her parents because she feels fear in her home in Lahore.

Qandeel Baloch Murder:

On July 15, 2016, was the death day of Baloch. Qandeel’s Brother Waseem Malik mixed some drugs into the milk for her, and when everyone at home was in their beds, he asphyxiated her sister Qandeel. At the morning when Qandeel does not wake up at her usual daily time her mother went to her room and found that she was dead, she started screaming, and Qandeel’s Father called the police and wrote a report against his Son. An autopsy confirmed that asphyxiation was the reason of her death while sleeping.

Qandeel’s Brother arrested on 16th July. Waseem confessed that He killed her sister and told that Qandeel Baloch activities were bringing disrepute to our family’s honor. Baloch’s Brother said he could not bear it anymore. He murdered her around 11:30 p.m. on Friday night when everyone else had gone to bed. He told police that he is only responsible for the death, none of the others are involved.

At the same period, There was another FIR registered against Mufti Qavi from Qandeel’s Father. But after investigation Law declared him innocent and did not charge him for anything against Baloch.

Qandeel Baloch Pics

Reactions to Qandeel’s Murder:

Baloch was internationally famous, so her death news was a shock to her fans and this activity widely condemned by celebrities from all over the world. The celebrities who condemn the murder was including, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Rakhi Sawant, Sanam Baloch, Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar (Singer), Nadia Husain and many others. Politicians of Pakistan and some of the journalist also condemn this activity such as Imran Khan(Chairman PTI), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari(chairman PPPP), Sharmila Farooqi, Abdul Razzaq, Reham Khan and many.

Film Maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy condemn Qandeel’s murder in strict words. Her statement “I feel that no woman is safe in this country until we start making examples of people until we start sending men who kill women to jail unless we say there will be no more killing and those who dare will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.”  But some conservative people who support the honor killing of girls supported the murder.

The Daughter of Pakistani Prime Minister Maryam Safdar Draft a law against honor killing of innocent girls in the Parliament on July 21.

In short, the story of a Beautiful Girl Qandeel Baloch has ended in very young age; She left the world with a lot of complaints and Dreams in her eyes. She never harms anyone, but people hurt her a lot. I feel no one has right to criticize or to kill a girl who is independent and even when she is supporting the family. Murderer Brother often ask for her money if he has the honor then why he started his business with her sister’s help. We Pray that Qandeel’s Soul Rest in Peace, and ALLAH shower mercy on her.

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